What's the Cost


No. Of Children Cost Per Family Cost Per Month

1 Child
2 Children
3 or more Children




Registration Fee

$50 Per Child


Tuition Payment Plans

  1. One yearly payment gives a 10% discount if payment is made by the first Tuesday in August.
  2. Semester payment are due the first Tuesday in August and in January and will give a 5% discount.
  3. Ten monthly payments are due August 16 and are then due on the first Tuesday of each month. The final payment is due the first Tuesday of May. A $10 late fee per month will be charged if the payments are received after the 17th of the month.


Book Fees for 2009-2010

Please note that this should be a guide only because classes may change depending on what your child needs as a general note from 6th down the prices probably will not change and from 7th up it will depend on what your child has already completed before enrolling in our school and what requirements are still needed.

Book fees must be paid before the books will be issued.

Kindergarten 4
Book Fee - $

Kindergarten 5
Book Fee - $

1st Grade
Book Fee - $

2nd Grade
Book Fee - $


3rd Grade
Book Fee - $

4th - 6th Grade
Book Fee - $

7th - 8th Grade
Book Fee - $

9th - 12th Grade
Book Fee - $