Code of Conduct

Student Conduct

Standards Of Conduct

Marietta Christian School expects that its students live above reproach showing respect to God, country, family, faculty, and fellow students (In that order).

Students at Marietta Christian School are expected to refrain from swearing, indecent language, the use of tobacco in any form, the use of narcotics, drinking alcoholic beverages, gambling, dancing, and listening to rock music. Furthermore, students are to act in an orderly and respecful manner, maintaining Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, language, morality, and honesty. Students are always to strive toward unquestionable character in dress, conduct, and attitude.

Students are expected to abide by these standards throughout their enrollment, whether at home, school, or elsewhere. Wherever students are found to be out of harmony with these ideas of work and life, they may be asked to withdraw from the school.

Attendance at Marietta Christian School is a privilege, not a right. Constructive suggestions are always welcome, but GRIPING IS NOT TOLERATED. Anyone who will not co-operate spiritually, morally, or scholastically will be asked to withdraw.

Disorderly conduct (goofing off, horseplay, disruptive talking, etc.) is not conductive to Christian character and leads to destruction of property. Therefore, it will not be tolerated.

Other School Policies Concerning Student Conduct:

  1. Students must be respectful of the rights and property of others, as well as the authority of the principal and all the teachers.
  2. All adults are to be addressed as Mr, Mrs, or Miss, as is common courtesy. A student should always raise his hand to request permission to speak or leave his seat. Students should sit at their desk with both feet on the floor and with good posture. They should not sit in a slouch position with feet on the chair in front of them at school.
  3. Students passing between two adults or stepping in front of an adult shall properly excuse themselves.
  4. Students are not to be rowdy, to run, to yell, etc., in the building or in the area around the building.
  5. Defacing or miss-using school property will not be tolerated. Use all things in the realization that they belong to the Lord.
  6. Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds without permission.
  7. Cheating, stealing, and swearing will not be tolerated.
  8. No bodily contact between boys and girls is permitted.
  9. Radios, knives, computer games,cell phones, or other expensive and/or dangerous objects (matches, firecrackers, etc.) shall not be brought to school.
  10. Throwing stones or other foreign objects is not permitted.
  11. Students should do their best to keep the room, halls, and grounds clean. Desks should be kept orderly and neat at all times.


Discipline is necessary for the welfare of the student as well as the entire school. It is impossible for learning to take place in a claseroom unless control and good order are maintained. Marietta Christian School expects full co-operation from both student and parents. Any parent or student suggestion or complaint is expected to be taken through the proper chain of authority in a respectful manner. Both parents and students are required to sign the Parent-Student Satement of Cooperation form (see last page in the student handbook) each year.

Marietta Christian School has a commitment to its school families to maintain its standards and requirements for all students. Because attendance at Marietta Christian School is a privilege not a right, the privilege may be forfeited by any student who does not conform to the standards and regulations of the institution; and the school may request withdraw of any student at any time who, in the opinion of the school, does not fit into the spirit of the school ministry, regardless of whether or not the student conforms to the specific rules and regulations of the school. This guideline is shared with a spirit of love. There is, at Marietta Christian School, a great sense of concern and love for the students and families we serve. There is, however, an additional commitment to the total school family and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Training involves discipline as well as instruction. Students are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct so that only a minimum of disciplinary action at school is necessary, if any at all. If circumctances are such that routine disciplinary measures are insufficient, private disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion may be used.

The basic responsibility for discipline rests with the parents, therefore, parents will be informed when unusual and severe circumstances arise. It is expected that parents will follow through with appropriate measures at home if these situations occur.
Cooperation between the home and school must exist if disciplinary action is to be successful. If your child comes home complaining about a policy or discipline, please follow this procedure:

  1. Give the teachure the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Realize that the school has reasons for all the rules and that they are enforced without favor.
  3. Support the administration and call the school for all the facts.

Church Attendance

It is our conviction that the local church and the home are God ordained institutions for the training of children (Deut 6:5-9, II Tim. 3:17). The Christian School is a co-operative endeavor between the home and the church. With this in mind, we expect all students to be faithful in attending church. Any student who is not faithful to church will appear before the principal and if the problem is not corrected, it will result in that student being expelled from the school. Free transportation to and from the Marietta Bible Center Church is available by calling the church at 740-373-5551.