About Marietta Christian School

Affiliation and overview

Marietta Christian School is a full participating member of the American Association of Christian Schools. the AACS is a nationally recognized organization which has established standards based on a Christian philosophy or education for the accreditation of schools and the certification of teachers. Our school is also a member of Christian Schools of Ohio, the state affiliation of AACS.

We would participate yearly in various functions spnosored by CSO that would benefit our staff and student body. You should be aware that Marietta Christian School, as a ministry of the Marietta Bible Center Church, does not seek a charter (or license to operate) from the state of Ohio because of our truly-held religous beliefs against such state control of a religous ministry. Students attending MCS are, therefore, not entitled to puplic transportation under Ohio law nor are they entitled to state-supported "auxiliary" services.

The teachers and administration of Marietta Christian School have received bachelors degree or it eqivalent from a recognized college or university. Some would hold a masters degree and others would be working toward a masters. Our teachers have not pursued state certification in light of the above statement on chartering.

In providing a high quality program MCS is open for instruction for no fewer than 180 days each year, and the school day is at least 5 hours in length, exclusive of the noon recess.

Marietta Christian School has courses or study from the following areas: language arts, geography, United States and Ohio history, world history, national and state and local government, the mathematics, science, health, physical education, fine arts (including music), and foreign language.

Marietta Christian school follows regular procedures for promotion from grade to grade of pupils who meet the education requirements of our school. Our school complies with state and local health, fire, and safety laws.

History and Purpose

Marietta Christian School was founded in 1980 as an extension ministry of Marietta Bible Center Church. The school is traditionally structured offering grades k-4 through grade 12. Our curriculum is centered arround the Word of God therefore every subject is caught in light of the Bible. Our textbooks are Bible-based and distinctively Christian. The school staff is composed of born-again, dedicated, qualified personnel who are commited to Christian education. We seek to be an assistance to the Christian home in the rearing of their children by training them to meet their fullest potential both academically and spiritually. The teaching of the love of God and of country is an integral part of our program, as well as a disciplined environment that will develop good habits, teach high morals, and help the students in the development of self-discipline.